EU residency through Latvia

EU Residency through Latvia

If you start a business in Latvia, you can secure an EU residency card in as little as 90 days after starting your business.

What is the Latvia Residence Program?

Latvia’s visa program offers two options for obtaining EU residency:
• The first option is to invest EUR 50,000 in an existing, revenue-generating Latvian company.
• The second option is to set up a business in the country and earn a salary that generates at least EUR 730 in taxation each month. in both cases, you must possess a qualification relevant to the type of business you operate. You may also include your partner and children under 18. To obtain a temporary resident permit, applicants must speak English, attend an interview at a Latvian embassy, and travel to Latvia.

In the event that you decide to start your own Latvian business:

❖ No minimum investment is required.
❖ There is no requirement for a minimum profit or turnover.
❖ Upon receiving your residency permit, you can register new companies or change your business type. The residency permit is valid for five years, after which you can apply for permanent EU residency.

Latvia: Why should you choose it?

❖ Latvian business visas offer many benefits, in addition to a fast path to living in the EU:
❖ It is possible to become a permanent Latvian resident as well as a European citizen.
❖ With more than 400 million potential customers, it is a gateway to all European Union markets. 26 Schengen Area European countries are visa-free.
❖ You and your family will have access to high-quality healthcare and education.

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