Italy’s Residence-by-Investment Program

Italy’s Residence-by-Investment Program: A Comprehensive Overview

Italy, known for its rich history, cultural treasures, and stunning landscapes, provides an enticing opportunity for those seeking residence through investment. Nestled in the heart of Europe, Italy boasts art-filled cities, picturesque countryside, and a renowned culinary heritage.

By embracing Italy’s charm through its residence-by-investment program, you can unlock a pathway to a new chapter in life. This program invites discerning individuals to become a part of the vibrant nation by making strategic investments contributing to its economic growth.

Investors can explore various avenues, and in this article, we will focus on the residence-by-investment route. Through this program, you gain the privilege of residing in one of the most culturally rich and diverse countries globally, be it the historical allure of Rome, the artistic splendours of Florence, or the coastal elegance of the Amalfi Coast.

Italy’s residence-by-investment program serves as a gateway not only to residence in this captivating country but also to myriad opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

Let’s delve into the key aspects:

Benefits of Italy’s Citizenship

Embarking on Italy’s Residence by Investment program presents numerous advantages, creating a unique blend of lifestyle, convenience, and opportunities for investors.

increased visa-free travel:** Acquiring Italian Residence by Investment enhances global mobility with increased visa-free travel options to 26 European countries without additional visas. Investors can tap into EU economic opportunities, fostering business connections.

Lifestyle benefits:** Italy offers a rich culture, diverse geography, and world-class educational institutions, and is a safe and secure country, making it ideal for families.

Minimal physical presence requirements:** The program accommodates busy lifestyles, imposing minimal physical presence requirements for flexibility in international business or other commitments.

Dual or multiple citizenship option:** Italy permits retaining existing citizenship(s), enabling investors to enjoy the benefits of dual or multiple citizenship.

Short processing time:** Known for efficiency, Italy’s Residence by Investment program allows investors to swiftly navigate the application process.

Eligibility Criteria

Upon completing and approving your application, you have a six-month window to apply for an investor visa at the nearest Italian representative abroad. Following the visa issuance, you have two years to enter Italy. Upholding the investment commitment during this period allows eligibility for a three-year renewal.

After five years of physical residence in Italy, with a requirement of 270 days per year, applicants may pursue permanent residency. Naturalizing as Italian citizens requires ten years of physical presence in Italy, ensuring gradual integration into Italian society.

Investment Types

Italy offers several routes to citizenship, focusing here on the residence-by-investment path.

Financial Requirements

To secure the initial two-year visa, meet at least one of these criteria:

  • – Invest a minimum of EUR 2m in Italian government bonds.
  • – Allocate EUR 500,000 to Italian shares.
  • – Commit EUR 250,000 when investing in startups.
  • – Make a EUR 1m donation to projects deemed of public interest.

Legal Requirements

Working with an advisor is crucial, and some legal requirements include:

  • – Clean criminal record certification for the past ten years.
  • – Documentation verifying funds and their lawful origin.
  • – Detailed investment description and evidence of consent from recipients.
  • – Formal declaration affirming intention to utilize funds within three months of entry into Italy.

Application Process

Acquiring a residence permit through investment takes approximately eight months:

Submission of request: Create a personal account on the ‘Investor Visa for Italy’ web portal, input details, upload documents, and provide an electronic signature.
Authorisation: Thirty days later, receive an initial response.
Visa application: Submit Nulla Osta to the Italian consulate, provide biometrics, and pay the consular fee.
Entry into Italy: Eight days after entering, submit an application for an Investor Residence Permit at the local police station.
Investment: Fulfill your entire investment commitment within the next three months.
Residence permit: The Committee evaluates evidence and issues a two-year validity residence permit. Initiate renewal sixty days before expiration.

Documents Required for Italian Residence by Investment

An advisor can provide the latest information, but the following document list serves as a guide:

  • – Passport.
  • – CV.
  • – Proof of financial resources.
  • – Documentation attesting to the legitimacy and transferability of funds.
  • – Absence of criminal charges declaration.
  • – Description of the investment and evidence of consent from recipients.
  • – Signed Declaration of Commitment.

Once you receive Nulla Osta, submit documents to the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate for the Investor Visa.

Processing Time

Italy’s residence-by-investment program has streamlined processing, with current estimates of around eight months.


Successfully navigating Italy’s residence-by-investment process demands expertise and precision. Knightsbridge Group excels in understanding these intricacies and can manage the entire process on your behalf. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to developing tailored solutions, making us your ideal partner in the journey towards Italian residency and citizenship.

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